Peace in a Covid world

Doesn’t it seem like there are a million voices all clamoring for our attention right now? 

Just this week I watched a video from some experts saying social distancing doesn’t make any difference. Then I saw another clip where others are saying you’ve got to maintain social distancing for the foreseeable future otherwise the death toll will be massive and our hospitals are going to be overwhelmed. 

What are you supposed to believe and how do you know the truth in all of this? 

Doesn’t it seem that the truth with this virus is fluid, politically influenced, and simply just a matter of opinion?

On top of that there are many Christian voices telling us not to worry and not to be afraid. Which is a much needed message, but, the reality is, people are losing their jobs. People I know and love are losing their jobs.

People’s futures are more uncertain now than they’ve probably been in all of our lifetimes. Many of us have just simply been wondering when can we be done with this, when can “normal” return and when can we get together as a church again? 

I read a quote recently of a pastor in Africa that painted a picture of his faith being tested in this season and he likened it to God edging him to the edge of a cliff not knowing what’s at the bottom. He said he sensed God asking him to trust Him. That picture really painted a powerful image in my mind. Our faith is being tested like no other time. 

Here’s a nutshell of what God has been teaching me this week: The peace of God isn’t focused upon the here and now or what’s going on in our circumstances or emotions. (Although true peace does impact all of our lives). 

I am learning that the peace of God that transcends all understanding, as it says in Philippians 4, is more about a God-focused life than my circumstances. I need a minute by minute, day by day reminder to keep my eyes on him. 

As I’ve said several other times in my blogs, I find that worship music helps me keep focused on God.  I have come to realize that whatever happens in life, whatever happens with this virus, I believe that God is in control and God has a plan. My peace comes from that and certainly not from what’s happening. 

That doesn’t mean to say I understand at all what’s going on and wouldn’t have 1000 different ideas for what God maybe could and should be doing in this time. But the peace that I’m experiencing, that I’ve got to tell you is totally uncharacteristic for me, comes because God has helped me to keep my eyes on him. 

To spend a little bit of time in his Word each day and to pray as often as I can for the people that I know and love and care about helps me keep my eyes on Him.

Just today I heard some news of how the Covid virus is impacting my extended family. I have friends that have lost jobs. I see my family wrestle with learning at home and so many of us wondering how we should adapt to all that happening. 

God’s peace doesn’t come because those things all get sorted or because I don’t think those things are gonna get resolved in the short term, as much as I would like that to be the case. 

The peace that comes to me and I pray to you is because we can trust God, and we can trust that God is good. Everything we know about God and his Word and, if we’re honest in and through our experience, tells us that God is good, all powerful and all knowing. I hope like me you’re able to know peace even when there’s so much stress in our lives. I would love to pray for you – just email me at and let me know how I can pray specifically. 

I am praying that at least one person reading this will know God’s peace in a deeper way than they had ever known before.

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