Parenting Teens: Thought # 3 – Friends

Earlier this week I started a series seeking to encourage you as you seek to parent your team. Thanks for the feedback and comments. I pray this next blog is helpful for you. Fear seems to be one of the biggest obstacles in parenting teens. In speaking to a lot of parents of teens IContinue reading “Parenting Teens: Thought # 3 – Friends”

Five thoughts about parenting teens: Thought # 1 – Respect

13 – 13 – 13  This past week our youngest child turned 13. That also means we have been parenting teens for 13 years! Sometimes we think we’ve got this parenting teen thing figured out, but many times we feel like we are still very much  learning.  I have also been a youth pastor forContinue reading “Five thoughts about parenting teens: Thought # 1 – Respect”